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Featured Spirits - West Cork Whiskey's
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West Cork Distillery One of the few remaining independent distilleries; uses only pure Irish spring water filtered through sandstone; barley & wheat used are authentic to Ireland; they malt their own barley; all whiskeys produced in small pot stills – the lower wine to copper ratio insures a high quality spirit; they sacrifice yield for quality with the cut being at 65-75% in comparison to the standard 30%; double charred bourbon casks are standard use; these practices facilitate the production of whiskey with a very smooth taste with accentuated vanilla, almond/cracked nuts undertones & sweetness. Two of the world’s highly respected master distillers are part of the West Cork team – Frank McHardy & Dr Barry Walsh – nearly 100 years of experience between them.

Pogues Irish WhiskeyFirstly introducing "the Pogues" Irish Whiskey

Blended Whiskey; 50% Single Malt Irish Whiskey, 50% Grain Irish Whiskey Grain Whiskey aged in Bourbon oak casks & Malt Whiskey aged in Sherry casks in small batches of less than 700 litres for three years and a day. Produced at West Cork with the soul and passion of the Pogues band captured in the blend; produced to their own tastes and rebellion of the norm. Colour: Mahogany Oak; Aroma: Strong malt, slight citrus, cracked black pepper with a lingering sweetness; Taste: Lingering sweetness, citrus and nutmeg.

Download the Pogues Irish Whiskey Presenter here


Secondly we introduce "West Cork Irish Whiskey's"

West Cork Blended Irish WhiskeyWest Cork Single malt 10 year oldWest Cork Distillery Blended Irish Whiskey 40% 700ml

25% Single Malt Irish Whiskey, 75% Grain Irish Whiskey. Single Malt: Sherry casks; Grain Whiskey – First fill Bourbon casks 4 years aged. Colour: Light oak; Aroma: malt, slight citrus, cracked pepper; Taste: malt, lingering sweetness, citrus & nutmeg

West Cork Single Malt Irish Whiskey 10YO 40% 700ml

Aged for 10 years in Sherry Cask Colour: Mahogany brown; Aroma: Intense malt, floral, slight sweetness; Taste: citrus, cracked pepper, malt lasting.

Download the West Cork Blended & Malt Irish Whiskey Presenter Here


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