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Dr Adam Elmegirab's Bitters

Dr Adam Elmegirab's BittersDR. ADAM ELMEGIRAB’S APHRODITE BITTERS The finest chocolate, cocoa nibs, ginger root, red chilli, Arabica coffee and ginseng are compounded to create a complex flavour profile.

DR. ADAM ELMEGIRAB’S BOKER’S BITTERS Dating back to 1828, Boker’s bitters were essential in classics such as the Martinez, Manhattan and Japanese Cocktail. They were also the preferred bitters of Professor Jerry Thomas.

DR. ADAM ELMEGIRAB’S CHRISTMAS BITTERS Chock full of the flavours that epitomize Christmas including cloves and cinnamon.

DR. ADAM ELMEGIRAB’S DANDELION & BURDOCK BITTERS Entirely unique and entirely British, based on the traditional medicinal beverage that dates back to the 1300s.

DR. ADAM ELMEGIRAB’S SPANISH BITTERS During the mid-1800s, Gainer’s Spanish Bitters were noted for their flavour profile that included chamomile, citrus, spice, violet and berries. These bitters now attempt to recreate the defunct bottling.

DR ADAM ELMEGIRAB’S TEAPOT BITTERS Teapot Bitters are a unique, hand-crafted cocktail ingredient inspired by the combined medical history of tea and bitters.

DR ADAM ELMEGIRAB’S ORINOCO DEAD RABBIT BITTERS Specially formulated for the world-leading Dead Rabbit bar in downtown Manhattan. All 100ml

Dale Degroff's Bitters (

Dale Degroff's BittersDALE DEGROFF’S PIMENTO AROMATIC BITTERS is an allspice cocktail bitters handcrafted by master mixologist Dale DeGroff and renowned absinthe distiller T. A. (Ted) Breaux. By blending pimento allspice berries with a hint of anise and other herbs, they have created a distinct flavour that enhances many classic and modern cocktails. Try Dale DeGroff’s Bitters in a Piña Colada, Painkiller, Mai Tai (with Crawley’s orgeat), whiskey or champagne cocktail. Or add a dash to accent straight spirits like grappa, gin and whiskey.
24 x 150ml but available in single units

Bittermens (

BittermensBITTERMENS XOCOLATL MOLE BITTERS These are the original Mexican chocolate bitters that have often been imitated by other brands.

BITTERMENS HOPPED GRAPEFRUIT BITTERS The essence of grapefruit combined with the most noble of hops. A big hit when used with blanco tequila or unaged rum.

BITTERMENS ‘ELEMAKULE TIKI BITTERS A blend of exotic spices that are strong enough to be present in tiki drinks that use nectars and syrups but not so strong that they dominate the palate.

BITTERMENS BOSTON BITTAHS Lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit balanced with chamomile and other aromatics to create a bitters suitable for effervescent drinks.

BITTERMENS BURLESQUE BITTERS This blend of hibiscus, açai and long pepper is sweet, spicy and a bit of a tart. She loves flirting with Italian amaros, tequila, British gin and Caribbean rum.

BITTERMENS ORCHARD STREET CELERY SHRUB Avery and Janet took an idea of celery seed, brine, shrub and classic soda and came up with this gorgeous celery shrub.

BITTERMENS HELLFIRE HABANERO CHILLI SHRUB A concentrated shrub fortified with alcohol to better extract the flavours from the chillis and spices.

BITTERMENS ORANGE CREAM CITRATE A concentrated orange cream tincture modified with a heavy dose of citric acid. Sweet, sour, tart and creamy, but not bitter by any sense.

All 150ml

Fee Brothers Bitters

Regarded as the best Bitters in the world, Fee Brothers is a four generation old manufacturer which has re-ignited the Bitters category worldwide.

  • Fee Brothers Orange Bitters
  • Fee Brothers Peach Bitters
  • Fee Brothers Lemon Bitters
  • Fee Brothers Mint Bitters
  • Fee Brothers Grapefruit Bitters
  • Fee Brothers Cherry Bitters
  • Fee Brothers Rhubarb Bitters
  • Fee Brothers Old Fashion Aromatic Bitters
  • Fee Brothers Whiskey Aged Barrel Bitters
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FONTE LAURETANA - Greglia (Biella)
Lauretana Sparkling Water

Considered the lightest mineral water in Europe, it is packaged in a beautiful bottle designed by Pininfarina, the designer of Ferrari, Maserati and other stylish Italian cars. This product is strictly for cafes and restaurants.

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Fee Brothers Syrups & Cordials

Made by a four generation old manufacturer, these are regarded as the best Syrups in the world.

  • Fee Brothers West Indian Style Falernum Syrup. Contains flavours of almond, ginger & lime.
  • Fee Brothers Lime Cordial Syrup
  • Fee Brothers American Beauty Grenadine Syrup
  • Fee Brothers Amaretto Syrup
  • Fee Brothers Caramel Syrup
  • Fee Brothers Cinnamon Syrup
  • Fee Brothers Coffee Syrup
  • Fee Brothers Hazelnut Syrup
  • Fee Brothers Kiwi Syrup
  • Fee Brothers Mango Syrup
  • Fee Brothers Orgeat Syrup
  • Fee Brothers Pineapple Syrup
  • Fee Brothers Apple Sour Syrup
  • Fee Brothers Strawberry Syrup
  • Fee Brothers Watermelon Syrup
  • Fee Brothers Daiquiri Cocktail Mix
  • Fee Brothers Margarita Cocktail Mix

Crawley's Bartender Syrups (

Crawley's Bartender SpiritsThe Crawley’s Bartender range of syrups was created for bartenders by multi-award winning bartender Jason Crawley

Designed to flow through pour spouts and not clog up in cocktail shakers.

Far and away the best orgeat commercially available.

Made from 100% natural pomegranates and nothing else.

Bright rich and bursting with natural raspberry flavour.

This lightly rose tinted syrup gives you premium options for Ramos Gin Fizzes, Juleps, Wedding Sangria’s and floral creative direction.

CRAWLEY’S BARTENDER SIMPLE SYRUP Set at 65brix of saturation, it injects a clear and noticeable brightness to cocktails. Its wider purpose is to deliver 100% consistency whilst reducing crucial prep times.

All non-alcoholic; 6 x 750ml

Simple Syrup Co. (

Simple Syrup Co.

Created by industry legend Jason Crawley, the SIMPLE SYRUP CO syrups enable you to make consistent cocktails of the finest quality while saving you money and prep time. Hand-crafted cocktails made easy! Flavours available are: Burnt Orange and Vanilla Bean Madagascan Vanilla Bean Pineapple and Almond Spiced Honey Apple Pomegranate and Tahitian Lime.
Alcohol-free; 6 x 375ml





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Coco Lopez (

Coco LopezCOCO LOPEZ is the original Cream of Coconut, a delicious cream made from the tender meat of sun ripened Caribbean coconuts and blended with a precise portion of natural cane sugar. Coco Lopez was created in 1948 in Puerto Rico by Don Ramon López-Irizarry. He used it in the original Piña Colada which he made at the Caribe Hilton Hotel’s Beachcomber Bar in San Juan on 15th August 1952.
Alcohol-free; 24 x 250g cans and 24 x 425g cans

Quina Fina (

Quina FinaQUINA FINA tonic water is made in New Zealand with local artesian water, organic lemon, cinchona bark extract from Ecuador (containing quinine) and cane sugar. The result is a dry, authentic tonic water to complement your favourite spirit or to enjoy on its own.
Alcohol free; 24 x 250ml

Tweedy Bar Limes

Tweedy Bar LimesIntroducing Tweedy Bar Limes. Certified Farm Fresh from Darling Downs. 100% first grade and fixed case price year round.

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