Never Never Fancy Fruit Cup 26.6% 500ml

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A collaboration between two Australian based brands passionate about classic flavour and celebrated within the Australian bar community - Never Never Distilling Co and Marionette Liqueurs.

The Fancy Fruit Cup has Triple Juniper at its core, supported by the fancy addition of Marionette Orange Curaçao. A more luxurious product than any other Fruit Cup on the market, using quality ingredients, in a more sustainable way. We use high quality Earl Grey tea to add a rich, dry element to the drink.

Perfect Serve: One-part Fruit Cup with equal parts lemonade and ginger ale, with bright colourful garnishes, like mint, cucumber, strawberries and orange.

Nose: Complex citrus mingles with tea, fragrant pine and wooded spice

Palate: Sweet initially, then dry, with bergamot, orange rind, ginger root, cinnamon and juniper lingering. Finishes with tea and tannin spice from the sweet curaçao

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