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Sullivans Cove XO Brandy Single Cask 42.2% 700ml


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Sullivans Cove XO Single Cask Brandy, like our Single Cask whiskies, is bottled one cask at a time, allowing each to express its own unique character. Each cask has been aged for a minimum of eight years and is bottled completely unblended and with no added colouring or flavouring of any kind. Many of these XO Single Cask bottlings are also single varietal, allowing you to taste the individual quality of each Tasmanian wine. These single cask brandies will strike a chord with single malt whisky drinkers due to their intense depth, rich complexity and balanced elegance.

Sullivans Cove XO Single Cask Brandy won "World's Best" at the World Brandy Awards in 2021.

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