Philipponnat Les Cintres 08

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The Philipponnat family settled in the village of Ay, in the heart of Champagne. As far back as the Philipponnat archives go, there are records of the family ancestors, the first of whom, Apvril le Philipponnat, was an "owner of vines at Le Léon, between Ay and Dizy", from 1522. 

Today, the House of Philipponnat Champagne has a long history of commitment to the creation of quality champagne. From its flagship Brut Royale Réserve to the connoisseur's choice, Clos des Goisses, Philipponnat Champagnes are immediately recognisable - full-bodied, structured yet still fresh and distinctive. They are enjoyed in more than 50 countries and are the choice of the best wine merchants, Michelin-starred restaurants, sommeliers, chefs and private clubs around the world.

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