Moorilla Praxis Chard 18

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St Matthias vineyard. Chardonnay Musque is an aromatic clone of Chardonnay. The name Musque is given because of the variety’s heady, musky perfume. The typical Chardonnay Musque is off-dry, medium-bodied, and has the distinctive, grapey, Muscat-like aroma alluded to in its name. Best described as an aromatic white wine. This wine has 1.5% of Gewurztraminer included in it. An unassuming colour gives little indication of the floral & fruit bomb about to ensue. Fresh lime, honeydew melon & jasmine lead the nose, followed by peach skin & lychee. Silky textures & a firm, crisp acidity balances beautifully with the playful sweetness of the peach & sherbet.

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