Depaz Blanc (white) Montagne Pelee 45% 700ml


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Rhum Agricole at its best! Note usual Rumspeling adds a has a reference to Rhum Agricole: a natural spirit made from the distillation of pure sugar cane juice.
\nDepaz is one of the leading distillery in Martinique, a small island in the French Carribean.
\nThis Rhum Blanc is a special release exclusively harvested on the skirt of the Montagne Pele with its typical soil. The fresh cane juice is fermented for 48 hours, then distilled in the typical copper column still. It comes out at 70% alcohl and it is slowly reduced with water over 60 days. It is also matured in stainless steal tanks for a minimum of 3 months before bottling.
\nNOSE: fruity, floral and complex aroma, with a specific mineral touch.
\nPALATE: the attack is sweet and honeyed, with a very elegant floral flavours. Sugar cane, orange blossom, banana combined with spicy notes of pepper and tobacco follows.

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