Dumangin Batch 002 Single Grain Scotch Whisky 49.95% 700ml

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Very long ageing for this Scotch Grain aged in Scotland and bottled in France. Nearly red in colour, creamy and round thanks to the Ratafia Champenois touchÉ Ç The Dumangin Champagne Twist È \n \n310 numbered bottles in gift boxes \n \nORIGIN: Scotland Ð Other grains than Malt \nDISTILLATION DATE: 07/1993 \n1ST AGEING: 25 years in refilled Hogshead \nFINISH: 9 months in RATAFIA CHAMPENOIS Barrel T-054 \nBOTTLING DATE: 01/2020 at Champagne Dumangin J. Fils \nNUMBER OF BOTTLES: 310 \nABV: CASK STRENGTH 49.9% \nAGE: 26 years \nCHARACTERISTICS: What is really great in this exceptional spirit are the rounded & creamy characters provided by the final finish in Ratafia Champenois barrels \nDISTILLERY: Cambus (1806-1993). One of the last spirit coming out of this mothballed distillery. 2 months before its closure. UNIQUE! \nNON CHILL FILTERED

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