Ichiros Malt & Grain Blended Whisky 46% 700ml


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In Ichiros words An all world whisky the key malt is Ichiros Malt, with his selection of Scotch, Irish, Canadian and American Whiskey aged in country 3-5 years and aged on sight in Chichibu an additional 1-3 years. Ichiros Malt and Grain is blended to balance a heart of Japanese whisky complimented by the major whiskies of the world. \n \nA truly beautiful Japanese whisky which will leave any whisky lover satisfied. \n \nTASTING NOTES: \nNose: apricot, popcorn toffee, vanilla cream, meyer lemon zest \nPalate: light texture notes of toffee roasted chestnut gingerbread, vanilla and black pepper \nFinish: medium-long with honey and black pepper \n \n  \n \nShop more Japanese whisky HERE

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