Never Never Ginache 2021 38% 500ml

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The Grenache Gin is the spirit of wine country, the perfect union of freshly pressed grape juice and gin. Grenache grapes grown in the McLaren Vale region are crushed and then added to our Triple Juniper Gin and allowed to steep.

The result is a gin with a luminous red colour that develops into a bright hibiscus pink when diluted with tonic or soda.

Flavour wise, Grenache is incredibly versatile. Its flavours bounce between bright raspberry and candied peel all the way through to dark plum and cinnamon, making it the perfect compliment to the spice and citrus of the Triple Juniper gin.

This gin is perfect just on ice, with a splash of tonic or even squash. This is a gin best consumed right away.

LOOK: Deep raspberry red with a ruby hue. Bright hibiscus pink when diluted with tonic or soda.

SMELL: Fresh cherry and plum fruits. Soft pine and spice.

TASTE: Freshly picked raspberries and tinned plum immediately up-front. Plush tannins and a silky, ripe body followed by a light boysenberry swirl.

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