Never Never Triple Juniper 43% 500ml

Never Never Distilling Co.SKU: NS/NNTJ43%500

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The Triple Juniper is a judo chop right in the flavour bone.

Perfect Serve: Gin & Tonic with lemon & thyme. Or a Negroni, with a toasted cinnamon quill.

Nose: A combination of steeping, pot and vapour distillation showcases the bright and the earthy qualities of juniper. Pine needle, rosemary and lemon oil give way to fragrant pepper.

Palate: Bright citrus character up front builds to the oily and intense prominent juniper, supported by earthy undertones of angelica and orris root and extended by wooded spice and pepper. Finishes long and complex with a viscous but dry mouthfeel. The prominent juniper develops an extended, resinous finish.

Raw Material: Wheat

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