Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao 40% 700ml

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Haitian Laraha bitter orange peels are infused in a grape spirit for one week. This infusion is slowly distilled over an open flame in Ferrand copper pot stills. Only with care and deliberation, it takes a full day to produce one barrel of this nectar.

Ingredients like walnut, almond skins and prunes are infused for month in brands & Ferrand Cognac. It is sweetened with toasted cane sugar, that is barrel aged for complexity of flavour. The master blender then marries the laraha orange distillate, a touch of vegetal infusion and the aged sugars with brandy & Cognac. Then this blend is aged in French oak barrels for several months.

Perfect Serve: Great for cocktails or simply with a top of Champagne.

Tasting Notes: Aromas of orange blossoms with candied orange zest as well as toasted wood notes reminiscent of aged Cognac.

Raw Material: Distillate of Laraha bitter orange peels from Haiti, Cognac made from U gni Blanc grapes.

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