Plantation OFTD Overproof Rum 69% 700ml

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Old Fashioned Traditional Dark is a "Rum Geeks" creation! Carefully conceived by Alexandre Gabriel in collaboration with six renowned rum experts, this over-proof rum is rich and strong - in taste as well as in alcohol content. This flavourful blend from Barbados, Jamaica and Guyana is perfect for your Tiki cocktails.


Perfect Serve: Tiki cocktails

Nose: Intense and very precise notes of coffee, orange, plum, jam and truffles

Palate: Bursts with caramel, chocolate, vanilla. Then cinnamon, oak, molasses, raisins, nutmeg and smoky accents. Long lingering with dark chocolate and clove

Raw Material: Sugarcane Molasses

Aging: Blend of Barbados 2-5-year-old, Guyana 1-2-year-old, Jamaican High Ester 1-2-year-old, Jamaican Pot Still High Ester Rums 10-15-year-old. Final Blend 3-6 months in wooden vat

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