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Distillerie et Domaines de Provence Absente (Absinthe Liqueur) 55% 700ml

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Absente 55 is enjoyed by those in the know in the true tradition that involves a flame, sugar, water and absintheÉ a ceremonial ritual which gives free reign to your imagination. Absente 55 derives its bitterness from several of the aromatic plants of absinthe (Artémisia Absinthium). The thujone content is strictly regulated in line with legislation (extract from legislation).

The Absente 55 recipe, a blend of absinthe, aniseed flavors, mint and spices, gives it its incomparable color and unexpected length of flavor.

Tips: Here are a few ideas. Adapt to suit your mood and taste: serve using the traditional spoon method, onto crushed ice or, if you love your drinks strong, just serve it neat. With Absente 55 there are no rules.

How do you drink it?
The armoise (Artemisia Vulgaris) infusion gives Absente its structure.
The alcoholate and essences add subtile flavors of anise, mint and spices, giving Absente its balance, elegance, freshness and surprising length of flavor.
For drinking Absente there are no rules (or very few):
You can pour the Absente onto crushed ice or ice cubes.
If you like strong drinks then you can drink it neat.
If you prefer it slightly bitter and less sweet, simply add fresh water to your Absente.
Those nostalgic for the past can practice the ritual of bygone days by placing a sugar cube onto an absinthe spoon placed on the rim of the glass and slowing pour in the water until it melts the sugar and turns the Absente an opalescent green.
Absente can also be flambéed and added to cocktails.
Organoleptic profile
The color: a beautiful light green with clear shiny glints of yellow.
The nose: a subtile aroma of absinthe blended with anise, mint and spices.
The mouth: round aniseed attack moving onto a well-structured feel thanks to the presence of the amoise, finishing with the fresh, spicy notes (absinthe, lemon balm and mint) which give Absente its length of flavor
Storage: at room temperature, not above 25¡C or keep chilled. Store the bottle upright. No use-by date.

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