Backwoods Rye Whisky 46% 500ml

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Backwoods Rye Whisky 46% 500ml \n

A Heritage Ryecorn is the chief ingredient in our Rye Whisky. It delivers an earthy, fresh rye bread aroma, toasty/biscuit like sweetness and a classic dry, spicy finish.


Our mash bill also includes barley (for sweetness) and wheat (for nuttiness). And finally we add a small amount of chocolate malt. You will notice this on the finish, as it lingers on the pallet, urging your next sip.


The wash is twice-distilled in our custom-designed copper pot still and transferred to its chosen cask for maturation. We have Rye Whisky maturing in a variety of American and French Oak casks, that have previously held whisky, red or fortified wines. Our first-release Rye whisky was aged in French Oak, ex-Shiraz casks and sold out in less than 24 hours.

\nTry the beautiful Australian Backwoods Rye Whisky today! \n \nExplore more of the Backwoods range HERE

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