Barbancourt Extra Old Rum 8yrs, 5 stars 43% 750ml

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The Barbancourt family is of French origin, hence the spelling 'Rhum' on the label. Sugar cane grown at Domaine Barbancourt as well as other parts of Haiti is hand cut between November and June, then thrice milled, then fermented for about 72 hours with a proprietary strain of yeast developed in-house. Double distilled in a column still to 70% ABV, then second distillation yields a spirit of 90% ABV. The newly distilled liquor is diluted with water to 50% ABV before storing solely in French Limousin oak barrels and set aside for aging. \n\n \n\nBarbancourt 8 year old rum is light amber colored with a classic rum taste. On the nose, sweet, slightly perfumed with just a tinge of vanilla, and alcohol is subdued. On the tongue, initial tastes of bitter candy with hints of spices topped by ginger and orange peel. A bit more oak and vanilla are also revealed. Mid-palate, a little hot with alcohol so try sipping in small measure to sense the delicate flavors of caramel, licorice, and orange marmalade. \n\n \n\nOutstanding straight. Splash it on the rocks with a zest of melon to bring out all its subtleties.

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