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Bertrand Eau de Vie de Baies de Houx (Holly Berry spirit) 45% 700ml

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"Special reserve" eaux-de-vie are exceptional.
\nThese eaux-de-vie are only rarely produced when the year's weather conditions provide the maximum of sunshine, energy essential to obtaining fruit bursting with aromatic richness.
\nDistilling these eaux-de-vie is also highly selective, because to make up the future bottle, we keep only the heart of the batch, the very finest fraction, the most powerful and most complex in aromatic savour.
\nAnd lastly, ageing, essential to the blossoming of flavours, takes place in small ash barrels, a white wood, guaranteeing the totality of the eau-de-vie's characters, enabling slow ageing by respiration through the pores of the wood.

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