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Compagnie Des Indes SPICED RUM 40% 700ml

Compagnie des IndesSKU: Cer/COMPspiced40%700ml

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Forget everything you thought you knew about Spiced Rum! Far from the segment?s clich?s, this is not one of those syrupy rums packed with sugar and colourings but rather an authentic rum, with very little added sugar (15g) and no colourings whatsoever. It is a rum from a blend of Dominican Republic (approx. 80%) & Venezuela (approx. 20%), slowly infused with black pepper, ginger, liquorice, vanilla, nutmeg etc for 2 weeks. \nThe rum obtained after maceration is thus naturally spiced and fruity. Whether sipping it on its own or mixing it in a cocktail, it is simply delicious! \nTasting Notes: \nVisual Aspect: COMPAGNIE DES INDES? spiced rum is a deep and powerful light gold colour. It results mostly from the maceration of real botanicals and spices in the rum. The colour in your glass is thus completely natural. \nNose: Balanced between the sweetness from the notes of nutmeg, vanilla and the touch of cinnamon and the spicy powerful side with the notes of ginger, pepper and the touch of citruses. It is intoxicating and shows a strong character. \nTaste: The word Spiced makes complete sense here with first this balanced sweetness soon making way for the citruses and spices such as ras el Hanout and cloves, building up to woody and warming notes of liquorice, tonka bean, vanilla and some vegetal aromas (Thyme, coriander etc?). \nFinish: cradled in a delicious sweet and salty world, as if floating on Aladdin?s flying carpet.

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