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Michel Couvreur Whisky The Unique 44% 700ml

Michel CouvreurSKU: Cer/COUunique

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The Unique Whisky is a blending of malted and un-malted cereals whisky distilled partly by Pot-still and partly by Coffey Still (continuous distillation) in Scotland. After 4 years in oak wood, it has been reduced to 44% alc./vol. with Pentland Hills water. Matured partly in Scotland and partly in France, bottled without filtration. \n \nOpalescent tint. Slight iodine fragrances with a hint of almond, vanilla roundness, floral fineness. Nervous and round. To be preferably consumed chilled as an appetiser. \n \n  \n \nCLICK HERE TO EXPLORE MORE FROM MICHEL COUVREUR

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