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Domaine Tariquet Bas-Armagnac 'Le Legendaire' Hors d'Age 42% 700ml


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The youngest of the eaux-de-vie making up this blend of typical Bas-Armagnac grape varieties has been aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 13 years in our cellars. \n \nTasting Notes: \n \nCandied nose, close to the core, spicy with nuances and complexity. Airing confirms the aromatic palette and clarifies this character of candied orange and musk. The palate is full-bodied, precise, the tannins well melded, the harmony of fruit and oak seduces and delivers us in progression the dried fig and the prune. The finish seems magical, very pure, lingering all in sweetness. \n
60% Ugni Blanc / 40% Baco

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