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Damoiseau Rum Agricole VO 3yrs (dark) 42% 700ml

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The Bellevue estate and distillery in Guadeloupe was established at the end of the 19th Century by a Mr Rimbaud from Martinique. Mr Roger Damoiseau senior acquired the site in April 1942 and since then it has remained within the Damoiseau family. The estate and distillery are currently run by Mr Hervé Damoiseau.
\nThis aged rum earns its appellation 'old rum' after a minimum aging process of 3 years in oak barrels. Indeed, it is while it sits in small 180 liter oak barrels that previously contained Bourbon that Damoiseau old rum Reserve Special develops its amber colour.
\nIts rich and complex aromatic flavors include subtle hints of wood, dried fruits and spices. Traditionally served as a liqueur, Damoiseau old rum will bring all the sunshine and generosity of its place of origin to your aperitif drinks.

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