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Domaine Des Hautes Glaces Rye Whisky Vulson 'White Rhino' 41% 700ml

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Tasting notes: \n\nVulson is the name of the man who, at the beginning of XVII century, built the house that now hosts the distillery Domaine des Hautes Glaces. \n\nVulson is now also the name of our range of Rye Whisky, and "WHITE RHINO RYE" is a spirit of rye which concentrates the flavours of this cereal, fruity and herbaceous. \n\n \n\nON THE EYE: Transparent. \n\nON THE NOSE: Fruity and delicious. Plum, pear, and lychee with an herbaceous element of juniper and mimosa. \n\nON THE PALATE: Beautifully rich and complex. The malted rye rolls sweetly on the palate and is deposited on a bed of dried fruit, pink berries, pepper and cloves. The palette is soft, long and balanced. A truly fascinating spirit.

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