Dumangin Batch 001 Single Malt Scotch Whisky 46% 700ml

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12 Years Old for this single malt Scotch Whisky aged and bottled in Scotland. Very nice amber colour hiding a peaty power put in light by the Ratafia ChampenoisÉ Ç The Dumangin Champagne Twist È \n \n413 numbered bottles in gift boxes \n \nORIGIN: Scotland Ð ORKNEY Islands (Islands/Highlands region) \nDISTILLATION DATE: 10/2007 \n1ST AGEING: 11 years in refilled Hogshead \nFINISH: 7 months in RATAFIA CHAMPENOIS Barrel T-032 \nBOTTLING DATE: 11/2019 in Scotland \nNUMBER OF BOTTLES: 413 \nABV: 46% \nAGE: 12 years \nCHARACTERISTICS: Smoky flavours with a nice peat. All rounded by the ageing in Ratafia Champenois casks. \nDISTILLERY: There are only 2 distilleries on Orkney main Island Ecosse. There is still a bit of mystery allowed \nNON CHILL FILTERED

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