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Dumangin Batch 003 Single Malt Texas Whisky 46% 700ml

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\n \nBalcones is a Single Malt pionner in the US. Discovered by Gilles during one of his sales trips. Waco, the town hosting the distillery is subject to an extreme climate. \nDuring Gilles august visit, the outside temperature was 48¡C. As a result ageing of whiskies is dramatically speeded up compared to Scotland. Whisky expressing extraordinary power rounded by Ratafia Champenois finish \n \n151 numbered bottles in gift boxes \n \n
\nORIGIN: USA - TEXAS - Malt \nDISTILLATION DATE: 2014 \n1ST AGEING: 4 years in a Bourbon barrel \nFINISH: 12 months in RATAFIA CHAMPENOIS Barrel T-046 \nBOTTLING DATE: 01/2020 at Champagne Dumangin J. Fils \nNUMBER OF BOTTLES: 151 \nABV: 46% \nAGE: 5 years (at least 12 when compared to Scotch Single Malts) \nCHARACTERISTICS: Power, expression ! All rounded by the Ratafia Champenois barrel \nDISTILLERY: Balcones Ð Waco Ð Etats Unis \nNON CHILL FILTERED

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