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Dumangin Batch 004 Single Malt Welsh Whisky 46% 700ml

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A century after the last closure of a distillery in Wales, Penderyn was created by a group of friends in the 90s. Mainly column distilled (but also in port still), this Welsh \nSingle Malt brings fruity aromas to the surface. The Ratafia Champenois brings a really rounded character and a liverly colour. \n \n373 numbered bottles in gift boxes \n \nORIGIN: Wales Ð United Kingdom \n1ST AGEING: 4 years in a Bourbon barrel \nFINISH: 18 months in RATAFIA CHAMPENOIS Barrel T-016 \nBOTTLING DATE: 01/2020 at Champagne Dumangin J. Fils \nNUMBER OF BOTTLES: 373 \nABV: 46% \nAGE: around 6 years \nCHARACTERISTICS: The Ratafia Champenois express itself through the intense red colour as well as the roundness brought the fruity characters of this now classic Single Malt \nDISTILLERY: Penderyn Ð Wales Ð United Kingdom \nNON CHILL FILTERED

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