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Distillerie Pernot Absinthe Authentique (Grande Absinthe de Pontarlier) 65% 700ml


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Les fils d'Emile Pernot is a traditional French distillery founded in 1889 by Emile-Ferdinand Pernot in Pontarlier, in the Haut Doubs. \n \nLes Fils Authentique 65 ¡ Absinthe by Emile Pernot is a fresh, distilled green absinthe with powerful notes of absinthe. The power of natural plants wrapped in a sheet of freshness. Gold medal at the Concours Général Agricole 2013! \n \nAuthentic absinthe is, to a certain extent, quite close to Berthe de Joux, especially in terms of the aromatic power of the distilled plants.It is young and fresh, we could even say that it is the most refreshing absinthe. from the Fils Emile Pernot distillery. \n \nThe great absinthe is, like in Berthe de Joux, very prominent while marrying perfectly with the green anise and the fennel which invade your mouth and settle down for an eternity. \n \nWe personally recommend keeping it in the mouth a little before swallowing it, so you will feel all the power of the great absinthe of Pontarlier.

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