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Distillerie Pernot Absinthe Bourgeois (dominant anise) 55% 500ml


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Absinthe Bourgeois 55 ¡ Les Fils by Emile Pernot, sweet and aniseed, will appeal to neophytes as well as to the most discerning absinthe lovers. Its relatively mild, subtle taste and its naturally green complexion make it a very pleasant absinthe to drink. \n \nLa Bourgeois is a distilled absinthe that already existed long before the ban on absinthe. \n \nIts very famous label designed by the Mourgue Brothers represents a black cat drinking from a glass of absinthe. \n \nThe table takes up the main characteristics of the one that Charles Maire had imagined for the Pernod Fils absinthe, namely: the table, the glass, the carafe, not to mention the Pontarlier diary.

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