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Distillerie Pernot Absinthe Deniset Jeune (Artemisia Absinthium de Pontarlier) 56% 500ml


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The Deniset Jeune absinthe is one of the few clear absinthes made in Pontarlier. It is characterised by its freshness and distinct wormwood flavour.
\nThe name Deniset Jeune refers to a former absinthe producer, Henri Deniset, inventors of the pine-bud liqueur. Henri Deniset started making his absinthe in 1867 in Pontarlier. His distillery became famous under the name Deniset-Klainguer, and after almost 110 years of operation was acquired in 2006 by the Emile Pernot distillery, keeping the important historical brand alive.
\nThe label is a vintage Deniset Jeune absinthe advertising poster, sketched by French artist Marcellin Auzolle, featuring the character Pierrot (beloved by Belle Epoque absinthe producers) in a scene from Don Juan famous play.
\nEnjoy Deniset Jeune in the traditional way, with fresh water and sugar to taste, or in cocktails.

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