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Grosperrin 'Cognac de Collection' 1991 26 years Bois Ordinaires (Oléron Island) 51.7% 500ml

GrosperrinSKU: Cer/GROS91BO500ml26YRS

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Vintage cognac (deposited at ORECO on February 27, 1992) from vines exposed to the spray of the Atlantic Ocean, worked by a young winegrower located in the town of St Pierre d'Oléron, on the Ile d'Oléron. This island benefits from the influence of the Gulf Stream and enjoys almost Mediterranean sunshine. There are plants that are not very present on the coast, such as mimosa and tamarisk, giving it the nickname of "the island of herbs". However, the production of Cognac is discredited there and today only around 1,100 hectares of vines remain intended for the production of Cognac, that is to say, four times less than in the Borderies! \n \nOld gold dress. This vintage Cognac is a fabulous expression of this terroir, with its aromas of wild coast, sunny beach and sweet spices (sunscreen?). Without any particular elegance ("rustic but with a beautiful structure and a good attack", writes Andreas Larsson, best sommelier in the world 2007), it is a Cognac which nevertheless provides a certain pleasure: powerful, generous, wild. \n \nA great introduction to the pleasure of vintage cognacs L'Express Style, 2009.

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