Grosperrin No.14 PC 40.8% 1000ml

GrosperrinSKU: Cer/GROSno14PC1000ml

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We acquired this cognac from a merchant in 1999. The archives mention it under the name Petite Champagne Paror and we were able to follow its history for a few years from 1918, when World War I ended.
\nThen the cognac disappears completely during the years of the German occupation. In 1946 however, it re-emerges and we can follow its history again. But, it disappears soon afterwards in the archives until the 1970s when it reappears againÉ The cognac is mentioned in the archive from this date on under its original denomination.
\nWe bought all the stock, 285 litres. It is one of our most precious treasures and for this reason, only available in very small quantities.

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