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Le Gin Carmina de Christian Drouin 42% 700ml

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Calvados Christian Drouin keeps exploring new flavour associations. \n \nAfter launching Le Gin de Christian Drouin in 2015, the only Gin elaborated using over 30 varieties of cider apples and 7 aromatic spices, carefully selected for their perfect match with apple and juniper aromas, Guillaume Drouin signs a new blend devoted to red berries. \n \nThe same principles have presided the making of Carmina as they did for the original version of Le Gin: each aromatic ingredient is macerated and then separately distilled to optimize the extraction of aromas. The distillates are then assembled before bottling. \n \n \n \nCarmina has a summer-like bouquet. It mixes fruit and flowers, using not only juniper and Normandy cider apple varieties but also raspberries, blackcurrants, elder flowers, vanilla, lemon and orange. \n \nThe packaging of Carmina respects the identity of Le Gin de Christian Drouin; however, the colour code is carmine as a reminder of the domineering aromas of this new gourmet gin with its hints of raspberries and blackcurrants. \n \n \n \nLimited edition: only 8550 bottles will be marketed. \n \nTasting advice: to be sipped neat or as a Gin Tonic, with a slice of lemon and a raspberry to decorate. \n \n  \n \nFor more from Christian Drouin, CLICK HERE

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