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Christian Drouin Selection Calvados 40% 350ml

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While the Pays d'Auge Calvados requires prolonged aging in oak barrels to flourish, a Calvados produced from apples and pears, and distilled in a column still, offers an aromatic universe dominated by fruit, palatable. from an early age.
\nFor this reason, CHRISTIAN DROUIN preferred to offer for "entry-level" a Calvados partly produced in the establishment he operates in Domfront. This calvados derives its originality from the high percentage of perry pears used in conjunction with cider apples. The soil (schist and granite) and the distillation process (a single distillation) also contribute to its typicality.
\nIt is ideal for the preparation of cooking recipes, apple granita and cocktails requiring a fruity base alcohol.
\nLa Sélection is an Appellation d'Origine Contr™lée calvados.

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