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Massenez Liqueur de Abricot (Apricot) 25% 500ml

MassenezSKU: Cer/MAABR500

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Alcoholic Strength: 25% Content: 500ml Area of Origin: Alsace France Producer: G.E Massenez Massenez's Apricot Liqueur is relatively faithful to the gustative virtues of Apricot picked when ripe. Round, smooth. A velvety Liqueur with a sparkling colour reminiscent of Apricot flesh. Aspect: Orangey colour, full velvety texture, visibly dense body. Nose: Nose true to the original fruit. Fruity, sweet and fleshy. Palate: Attack true to the initial nose. Distinct fruit flavour. Very prominent fruity, sweet flavour with a hint of acidity at the finish. The stone fruit flavour balances this Liqueur conferring freshness.

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