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Massenez Liqueur de Poire William 'Golden Eight' (Williams Pear Brandy base) Gift Box 25% 700ml

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Golden Eight's base is a Pear Williams eau-de-vie that has been aged for 8 years. Approximately 20 pounds of pears are used to produce this unique liqueur. Golden Eight offers itself for tasting with a beautiful amber color and fiery golden highlights, a divine promise of a great liqueur. At the opening of the bottle, a powerful, warm Pear Williams aroma is released, shimmering with generous notes, to pleasure and incite the taste. Then, like a delicate and sensual symphony, all the pear aromas are gently offered, from the freshly harvested fruits to the complex vanilla & caramelized bouquet. A unique and exclusive offering from the Massenez distillery, founded in 1870, which prides itself on guarding its secret recipes and passing them on from generation to generation.

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