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Massenez Dom PACELLO orange liqueur 40% 700ml

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An Orange Liqueur of exceptional quality, signature of the know-how and elegance of the Maisons Massenez and Peureux. \n \nDom Pacello Royal Orange, between power and elegance... the Massenez signature, quite simply. \n \nIt all starts with the rigorous selection of fruits from various origins and a careful blend of bitter and sweetorange peels, dried and fresh orange zests, to which is added the making secret of the Master Liquorist who brings a unique organoleptic complexity, encompassing the entire aromatic spectrum of the orange. \n \nIn the final blend, the Ile de Ré Double matured Cognac, the flagship of the Maison Camus, counterbalances and prolongs with its character and power the sweet notes of the orange. \n \nThe result of this exceptional elaboration process is an orange Liqueur with a unique concentration and an unparalleled length on the fruit, for a very fresh finish. \n \nComposed of entirely natural ingredients and without any artificial additives, it is one of the only Liqueurs on the market with no additional flavours or colours. A 100% natural liqueur. \n \nThis liqueur of a rare quality was inspired by the first royal orangery created during the Renaissance at the Ch‰teau-Gaillard (in Amboise) for Charles VIII by Dom Pacello, the "Leonardo da Vinci of the Gardens", at a time when discovering the colour, the essences, the power of the orange must have been an emotion without equal. \n \nThe perfumes of the famous golden apple of the Hesperides garden are preciously captured by the Master Liquorist of the Distillerie Massenez who have given it a modern style. \n \n  \n


\nAn exceptional Orange Liqueur, obtained by maceration and distillation of bitter and sweet oranges, and dried and fresh peel. The fruit is recognizable from the first scent, then in the mouth, the aromatic intensity of the peel is harmoniously balanced by the sweetness and smoothness of the orange. A refined Orange Liqueur, between power and elegance.

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