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Normandin-Mercier Aperitif Pineau des Charentes Blanc (White) 17% 750ml

Normandin MercierSKU: Cer/NMPINBLA

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Assembly of two-thirds of white grape freshly pressed and very mature (Ugni Blanc) with a third of one year Cognac, the whole aged in an oak cask for five years. It is only at the end of this period that we obtain Pineau of the Charente carefully married. The subtlety lies in fresh notes of fruit, a delicate sugar and well-melted alcohol. \n \nTasting Notes \n \nColour: Ranging from pale yellow to a dark golden colour, with thick legs. \n \nNose: Rich, elegant, and very complex, with overtones of lime-blossoms, vine flowers, peaches, plums and figs, accompanied by hints of almonds, prunes, quince jelly, vanilla, and honey. \n \nPalate: Fresh and delicious, white Pineau is full-bodied and generous, with a lovely concentrated flavour. This is a refined, delicate wine \n \nBest served chilled as an aperitif or dessert wine.

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