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Paul Giraud Cognac Napoleon 15yrs Grande Champagne 40% 700ml

Paul GiraudSKU: Cer/PGNAP

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For the aging of Napoleon, we only use 25% new barrel. Certainly, the new barrel brings two essential things: the colour and the woody tannins. But the very delicate aromas of vine flowers (comparable to acacia or elderflower) cannot stand to be masked by an excess of tannin, thus the use of less new oak. \n
Further, we find a little acidity and freshness, as if we were crunching a grape during the grape harvest.
Napoleon is the olfactory memory of white wine from Ugni-blanc. This natural acidity of the varietal - which would not necessarily be a quality for a table wine - becomes an essential asset for Grande Champagne brandies. The aromatic freshness of the whole range is supported by this acidity. Sweet, honeyed, plummy, pruney fruit on the palate. Same elegance, but more richness and depth, and savoury woody character. Classic Grande Champagne with perfect balance between fruit and age.

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