Paul Giraud Cognac Vieille Reserve 25yrs 'Heylante Cafafe' Grande Champagne 40% 700ml Wooden Box


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The Vieille Réserve is often the favourite cognac of our Grande Champagne lovers, especially ladies. This cognac expresses all the fullness of the fruity aromas typical of a Grande Champagne, aged for a long time in oak barrels.
To fully appreciate this cognac, take time, sit in a good chair and heat the glass with the palm of your hand. The trip to a stone fruit orchard can begin. At the beginning of the tasting, the aromas of fresh fruit at the beginning of summer - like peach or apricot - appear. As the glass warms, aromas of riper fruit, more oxidized by the sun, are revealed, such as plums, prunes and Agen prunes. These are the fruits of late summer: hot, matured, and stewed. At the end of the tasting, spices appear then the vanilla side of the oak barrel. Round and mellow, this cognac is easily savoured. Another remarkable point, the length in the mouth, so characteristic of the Grande Champagne.
The combination with a chocolate dessert (such as a Black Forest or a fondant) is quite appropriate.
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