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Togouchi 15 years 43.8% 700ml

Whisky du MondeSKU: Cer/WDMTOGOUCHI15YRS700

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Togouchi 15 year old, is the newest expression of Chugoku Jozo blending expertise. This blended whisky with a delicate and elegant nose reveals a rich and round texture subtly coated with fruity notes of citrus fruits and yellow fruits, but also spicy notes. On the palate it expresses vanilla sweetness and a fine peat iodine, while in the final it will leave you some notes of dark chocolate and hazel in retro olfaction.
\nThis whisky is the result of the blending of grain and malt whisky of different ages and origins, including Scotland, that had undergone a complementary aging in Japan in an exceptional place ; an old railway tunnel with the ideal atmosphere for a balanced aging.

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