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Dolin Liqueur de Genepi Chamois 45% 750ml

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Génépy is a legendary alpine herbal liqueur, unique to the Savoy region, that dates back many hundreds of years. While comprised of a multitude of alpine herbs, the most prominent is a petite and rare variety of artemisia found principally in the high mountain air and adventure. Dolin is one of the few remaining houses that still relies on local herbs foraged in summer, and distillation in a venerable old copper alembic. Today, Génépy remains a darling of both intrepid hikers and French skiers. Served on the rocks or with tonic water, and a welcome addition to hot chocolate. Le Chamois is Dolin’s oldest Génépy recipe, dating back to 1821, when Joseph Chavasse first established what is today Maison Dolin. Its gentle sweetness and heady herbal character have pronounced notes of chamomile, sage and mint. To many French consumers, the Dolin name is inextricably linked to this signature Génépy recipe and the alpine experience.

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