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Gabriel Boudier Nori Seaweed Liqueur 500ml

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Released in April 2022, Gabriel Boudier Nori Seaweed Liqueur is made individually by infusing dried Nori and Dulse seaweed in beet-neutral alcohol for three weeks. These infusions are mixed with grapefruit alcohol-ate, concentrated lime juice, alcohol, sugar and water.

Nori Seaweed Liqueur was created by Matthew Cusworth, from Hoot the Redeemer in Edinburgh and his liqueur won him the third Gabriel Boudier Wizard Award Competition.

“As a bartender, I struggle to find consistent ways to introduce savoury flavours into my cocktails, so I’m very excited for Nori to launch and see the inventive ways bartenders will use seaweed in their creations" - Matthew Cusworth

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Subtle but unmistakable aroma of dried seaweed, reminiscent of sushi roll

Palate: Subtle seaweed with citric acidity. The aftertaste fades with dried seaweed and zesty lime.

This expression offers up a wealth of intriguing coastal, savoury notes, balanced by hints of sweetness. It's sure to make for some great nautical-themed cocktails.  22%

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